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After taking the MRT test, Rita put me on the LEAP diet, which she customized to fit my current diet and health needs, and kept in contact with me via email to check on my symptoms and to keep me on track. Three months later Rita had me take the symptom survey again and I scored a 32! I knew I had been feeling better, but this made me even more satisfied.
Amanda B
Hashimoto's Thyroiditis
I believe Rita sincerely cares for my becoming healthier and feeling better. She does not take no for an answer and will persist until the right path to your wellbeing is found.
L. N.
Reducing Pain and Inflammation
For the first time in 25 years, with the nutritional guidance of Rita Singer, I lost 30 pounds this past year, with her invaluable support. I am diabetic and went through nutritional counseling many times through the years with others.
Millie F.
Diabetes Management
She is open minded and has worked with me on MY terms, with my issues, rather than any pre-conceived systems. She has always made time for me and has been very accessible at all times to communicate on issues even between sessions.
Y. S.
Building Healthy Habits
"Rita I wanted to email you with a follow up... Thanks to you and taking the time to help me, I am officially 116 pounds. You read that correctly...116 POUNDS!!! I have my hunger back and the weight actually stays on."​
Gluten Free
"Rita has shown me the pathway for weight loss which is fueled by healthy eating habits that I once paid little attention to. The best part of the meal plan was that I never felt restricted/confined to one sort of way and with the education provided, I was able to substitute different types of healthy foods."
Raj T.
Lab Results
"For the first time in over a decade I have lost weight, but more importantly I have made significant changes in my routine and I do not feel that I am deprived. I owe my health to Rita!"
Steady Weight Loss

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