Rita Singer, Registered Dietitian

Eating should be an enjoyable experience

Rita Singer offers integrative and functional medical nutrition counseling to help meet your health and wellness goals.

Hi! I'm Rita Singer, Registered Dietitian

Through my personalized approach, I help individuals meet their goals while embracing all of food’s natural and savory benefits in a healthy manner.

As an integrative nutritionist, I combine the most updated scientific research with a natural/holistic approach in my practice.

Being an integrative nutritionist means I focus on all aspects of your health and wellness rather than only your diagnosis or symptoms.

Nutrition Counseling

Rita is trained to provide nutrition counseling for a wide variety of needs.

Diabetes Management

Including gestational diabetes, insulin resistance and more

Digestive Issues

Including IBS, crohns, diverticulosis, acid reflux, chronic constipation

Food Sensitivities

Bloating? Joint pain? Migraines? Food sensitivity blood testing may be right for you

Weight Management

Using a mindful and habit forming approach, improve your health and well being

...and more

Child / Adolescent / Prenatal nutrition, autoimmune disorders, kidney/heart disease

Here's what my clients are saying

Will you be the next success story?

"Rita I wanted to email you with a follow up... Thanks to you and taking the time to help me, I am officially 116 pounds. You read that correctly...116 POUNDS!!! I have my hunger back and the weight actually stays on."
"Rita has shown me the pathway for weight loss which is fueled by healthy eating habits that I once paid little attention to. The best part of the meal plan was that I never felt restricted/confined to one sort of way and with the education provided, I was able to substitute different types of healthy foods."
Raj T.
Lab Results
"For the first time in over a decade I have lost weight, but more importantly I have made significant changes in my routine and I do not feel that I am deprived. I owe my health to Rita!"
Steady Weight Loss

New Book! Eat Yourself Healthy

An easy-to-digest guide to health and happiness from the inside out.

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